Dangers of Mold in Your Home

Mold doesn’t belong in your home, yet it is a problem that so many homeowners in Staten Island face every single day. Mold forms in moist, wet places, like inside the bathroom and the basement, and when it grows it not only causes your home to smell and look bad, but it also causes many dangers. It is worth calling a professional for installation of an EZ Breathe Air Exchanger Staten Island NY at once if you suspect that you have mold growing inside your home.

Mold causes concerns with breathing for many people, especially those already affected by problems like asthma or bronchitis.  When you are in your home, the smell of mold is prominent and it isn’t a pleasant smell at all. And, it makes it difficult to breathe when you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever.

Mold growth can cause a number of other health concerns, too. It can cause skin irritation in some people, again, especially for those who have skin irritations or sensitive skin issues. Hives may even develop as the result of mold growth.

You can detect mold by looking for it in the conspicuous spots, but sometimes even this isn’t enough because mold can grow behind walls and in other locations that you cannot see with the eye. This is why it is so important that you have a pro come in to look things over.

It is safe to say that model is not something that you want to see growing inside your home. It is ugly, has a horrible smell, and tons of potential health effects that you do not want to experience. Call the pros to remedy the problem before it becomes a big ordeal and you can live mold free and enjoy life to the fullest.